Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping rates?

Cost of order

Shipping costs

$10 - $29


$30 - $50


$51 +


Where do you ship?

Shipping is limited to within Canada.

What is the expected shipping time?

1-2 weeks, but this can vary based on Canada Post's schedule.  We will provide you with a tracking number upon fulfillment.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard and Amex

What is included in the kits?

Take a look at our sales brochure for all the details and visit our website starting February 1st.

Where can I find instructions on how to plant the seeds?

Each seed packet comes with instructions printed on the packaging.

How long are the seeds good for?

If stored properly, in a cool dry dark area, your seeds can last for 2 years.

Where do the seeds come from?

All our seeds are packed and shipped from Kitchener Ontario, supplier-Make It Sow is a proudly Canadian company.

Does the supplier guarantee their seeds?

Yes our supplier MakeItSow stands behind their product 100%. Please email if you have any product complaints by quoting your order number.

Do any of your seeds contain or have any GMO content?

Our supplier Make It Sow does not handle or supply any GMO seeds.

Are these seeds good for all regions in Canada?

Yes.  The seeds are very traditional Canadian established seed varieties. Some seeds may require a longer grower time and indoor germinating (using the greenhouse kits) if planted in colder areas (for example this applies to tomatoes and peppers.

Check for planting zone information.

How do I indicate which Group/Section I would like my order allocated to?

Customers can select their Group/Section during checkout from a dropdown menu.  Please ensure the correct name has been selected as some Groups/Sections share similar names.  *This will only be available to those who have previously registered by completing the Registration Form found at  

I cannot find my preferred group on the list?

This means that your preferred Group/Section did not choose to participate in the Scout Seeds fundraiser or perhaps they haven't registered yet (see the question above). 

When placing an order, do you have to choose a Group/Section?

No you do not. You can select the 'I do not want to choose a Scout Group’ button and your order will be credited to Scouts Canada National.

How do I select a specific Scout's name I wish to credit my order to?

At checkout, please add the Scout's name to your order in the Notes section.

How do I view the Dashboard to follow my Group/Section/Committee's sales?

Please contact to assign one Administrator to your Dashboard.  Please note, you must be registered with an Account.  For more information:

How do Groups/Sections get their money?

Groups/Sections will be paid by Scouts Canada National via direct deposit.  As part of the registration to participate, your Group/Section will need to submit their updated banking information.  This is not applicable if you have already updated your information for previous campaigns.  Groups will be paid out by April 18th.

What percentage of the revenue goes to Groups/Sections and to Scouts Canada?

Groups/Sections will receive 40% of the retail price as profit.  In addition, over 5% will go to the No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign, which provides children and youth from low-income families with the opportunity to participate in Scouting.

What are your COVID-19 guidelines?

We ask Groups/Sections to follow Scouts Canada's COVID-19 guidelines.  The fundraiser has been designed to be contactless to accommodate health and safety concerns.

 Please direct all additional questions to