KIT 3: Flower Power Garden

KIT 3: Flower Power Garden

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The Flower Power Kit includes a total of 18 seed packets and a greenhouse kit.

Cut Flower Bouquet Plot includes 6 seed packets:  

Aster Choice Mix, Bachelor Button Mix, Calundula Pacific Beauty, Marigold African Mixed, Zinnia Pom Pom, and Snapdragon Panorama

Perennial Garden Plot includes 6 seed packets:

Black Eyed Susan, Shasta Daisy, Foxglove, Purple Coneflower, Double Mix Sweet William and Lupin

Butterfly and Bird Garden includes 6 seed packets:

Sensational Mixed Cosmos, Choice Mix Aster, Double Mixed Calendula, Royal Family Mixed Sweet Pea, Dwarf French Mixed Marigold, and Drummondi Mix Phlox

35-Pellet Self-Watering Greenhouse Kit includes:

35 Plantable Fiber Grow Pellets • Deep, Durable Tray & Humidity Dome • Removable Pellet Deck • Aqua ControlTM Water-Wicking Mat

Jardin Bouquet de Fleurs coupées inclut (6 sachets) :

Aster - Choice Mix, Centaurée - Polka Dot Mix, Calendula - Pacific Beauty, Soucis - African Mix, Zinnia - Pom Pom, Muflie - Panorama

Jardin de Vivaces inclut (6 sachets) :

Rudbeckia, Marguerite Shasta, Digitale - Excelsior, Echinacea Purpurea, Oeillet de poète - Double Mix, Lupin 

Jardin pour Oiseaux et Papillons inclut (6 sachets) : 

Cosmos - Sensation Mix, Aster - Choice Mix, Calendula - Pacific Beauty, Pois de Senteur - Royal Family Mix, Tagète - Dwarft French Mix, Phlox - Drummondi Mix

Ensemble pour Serre avec Arrosage Automatique inclut:

35 pastilles à plantation Fiber Grow • Plateau profond, durable, et dôme à l’épreuve de l’humidité • Base amovible pour pastilles • Tapis capillaire Aqua Control